About i3 Outsourcing Solutions, LLC


Blake Eaton

i3 Outsourcing Solutions, LLC is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider for small and mid-sized businesses. Founded with dentists and orthodontists in mind, our mission is to compliment the doctor’s expertise with our Accounting, Payroll, HR, Tax, and general business knowledge.

Blake Eaton, Founder of i3 Outsourcing Solutions LLC, contributes more than 17 years of management and leadership experience directing private closely-held companies to large public companies with revenues in excess of $2 billion. Blake has led these companies through start-up, survival, turnaround, growth and acquisition business cycles. Read more about Blake here.

i3 Outsourcing Solutions, LLC is notjust a back-office provider; we are your partner in success, providing timely, accurate information and knowledge to help you accomplish your goals. Our proficiency in financial forecasting, resource allocation,fund management, accounting and control ensures profitability, cost reduction and operational effectiveness.

Q: How can i3 consolidate all back office/third party solutions into one?

BE: As a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Provider i3 can maintain your accounting, HR, payroll, tax and staffing needs so you have one solution provided by one company. i3 can offer either a comprehensive outsourcing solution where information is transmitted electronically or a fractional outsourcing solution where i3 maintains an onsite presence, but whichever option is chosen i3 can help you get your back-office operating efficiently.

Q: Must I use all of i3’s services?

BE: No. i3 understands it is difficult to switch providers. It is i3’s goal to compliment the existing service providers that are currently meeting your expectations. For example, if you are satisfied with your payroll provider, but would like to change accountants; you can maintain your current business with your current payroll provider and i3 will work closely with your payroll provider to ensure all processes are operating as intended.

Q: i3 provides services to the dental industry.What experience does i3 have within the dental industry?

BE: As owner and chief operator of i3, the president has been a CFO of a private, multi-location dental and orthodontic group. This knowledge and experience has provided an understanding of the financial, insurance and operational areas of the dental industry. By having this in-depth understanding and hands-on experience, i3 can make meaningful recommendations to help make your practice operate efficiently and increase profitability. The i3 team also includes an additional accountant, who has worked as a Senior Accountant for a private dental group, and a staffing director who is a registered dental hygienist and has managed private practices and multiple practices for one of the largest dental groups in the country.

Q: Can i3 provide assistance with merger and acquisition activity?

BE: Yes. i3 can’t replace the brokers; however, we can compliment the broker activities through modeling and due diligence. i3 can model the impact of the acquisition target to determine the outcome the acquisition will have on your existing business and i3 can also perform the necessary due diligence to ensure the valuation of the company is aligned with the purchase price. As a financial service provider, i3 can introduce you to regional financial institutions and make introductions to private equity and debt groups, depending on your objectives.

Q: How can i3 improve cash flow within certain periods of the year?

BE: i3 will review your current budgets and forecasts to determine where improvements can be implemented. Depending on the results of the evaluations and the efficiency determinants needed, i3 can help in restructuring debt and aide in reducing overhead costs to improve the over call cost effectives of your company.As a financial service provider, i3 can introduce you to regional financial lenders who focus on the monetary needs of the dental industry to either restructure existing debt or provide a revolving line of credit.

Q: Can i3 help with staffing solutions?

BE: i3 can offer temporary and permanent placement depending on your staffing needs. Potential employees are professionally screened and placed with your company via our staffing solutions team.

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